Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts for a Thursday

Today was my Friday...tomorrow I am off to go on a field trip with day care. We are going to Bonkers. Who ever came up with Bonkers is a genius; and a shitty cook.

I just downloaded 183 pictures of my kids. They are both looking at the camera in 2.

My heart really goes out to the students, parents, and community that were affected by the bus crash in St. Louis today. While I am amazed that only one student was killed, I can't imagine the impact this will have on those young people. And prayers for the family of the other person who was killed.

Tonight we are having Chicken Salad Sandwiches because I have leftover chicken and I am refusing to go to the grocery store until after my husband gets home from work.

I actually wish it was raining so that I had a reason to not go outside besides it being hot. And it is incredibly hot.

MU Football started practice today. If you LOVE football like I do, or even if you just like football, give this website a gander those guys do amazing work. To find official posts look to the author to be GabeD.

If you don't love football, what consumes your every weekend from August though January?

Don't forget Tax Holiday starts tomorrow in Missouri!

Thoughts, Tips, Tricks, Ways to improve, Let me know~


  1. Just think if Bonkers had good food and beer, now that would be a friday night on the town! I am wondering why we don't have something like Bonkers in JC, wouldn't that be nice (not to mention a hell of a money maker!)!

  2. Oh my goodness, look how big Riley and Davis are!! Cute blog! Oh, and I'm totally the same way with pictures...I swear that I take a million and only a few turn out!!