Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts for a Thursday

I haven't written one of these in forever. Just feel like I need to...

Riley is done with daycare. She starts Kindergarten Summer School on Monday. I think she is really excited but I have a feeling that she will be a little scared when it is actually time to walk in the door.

Davis is a mess lately. Not having his sister at daycare with him has rocked his world. And he's just a weird age, he feels big and can do a lot of big stuff but still is so very small sometimes.

We have new neighbors. They are a super nice young couple (and yes I know that makes me sound like an old lady). It is nice to see some younger people moving into the neighborhood. Kinda refreshing.

Someone asked me how old I am the other day, I responded "28, I mean 30". How did I miss two birthdays? It was unintentional, not like a joke about not wanting to be 30, I just genuinely forgot. So I assume that means I will be forgetting to put on pants to go to the grocery store soon, seems like the next logical step.

Riley has her first Tee Ball game tonight. I really hope it doesn't rain. And that I remember batteries for my camera.

Bo turned 2 months a couple days ago. He went swimming over the weekend and loved it. He just completely relaxed in the water.

And today, May 31, 2012 is our 7th Anniversary. Wow. The moments have passed by so fast that it feels like my memories are all stored on a ViewMaster, just a click and a little glimpse into our life, click and a new chapter, click and another brief moment is remembered. I am very thankful for all we have, very thankful to have learned to turn towards each other in tough times and not away, very thankful that we have changed and grown. And most of all, thankful we are still in love.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Update

Sorry for the long time since my last post about Alicia.  She is doing well and treatments are continuing as planned.  She has lost her hair but has otherwise has not had many side effects.  She had her second chemo treatment on Tuesday and that went well also.  Bo turned 8 weeks yesterday and he is doing great! Alicia returns to work on Tuesday and Bo will start going to the babysitter!
Not much else going on as Alicia is in wait-and-see mode. 
Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alicia Update!

Bo had his One Month Birthday on Sunday! He had a checkup on Monday and weighed 9lbs 10ozs and was 21 inches. He is out of newborn clothes and moved on up to 3 month. His favorite hobbies include: swinging, eating, and grunting.

Alicia has a diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Origin. There is not a primary tumor to source the cancer to, however the DNA results indicate a strong match to Salivary Gland Cancer. She and the doctors were both anxious to get treatment underway so she had her first chemotherapy dose yesterday. She will have just three more treatments, then begin radiation (and depending on how well the first chemo round went, maybe a little more chemo with the radiation). Following radiation, surgery may be an option as well to remove any remaining tissues of concern.

Side effects for chemo vary and are unpredictable from dose to dose. They are proactive about relieving most of the common side effects, such as nausea and the general malaise feelings. She is given anti-nausea medicine and a steroid with her treatment. She may lose her hair, she may have excessive fatigue, appetite may come and go, right now it is all a wait and see game. The biggest concern during the course of chemo therapy is the suppression of the immune system and the risk of infection associated with that. For several days after a dose she will most likely be avoiding public places, and will need to avoid anyone who may be sick.

The most important thing to remember at this point, is that no one has all the answers. While she would love to know what the next few months are going to look like, and to know how she will feel, there is no way to know. As treatments progress she may know more, but as with babies, once you think you have it figured out, it is probably going to change.