Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rushing Around

Ten years ago I was embarking on one of the most amazing journeys of my life. I was packing my bags and moving to Lathrop Hall, for what is still one of my favorite weeks of my life, Rush Week.
I talked, chatted, kibbitzed, laughed, cried, ranked, gushed, and dreamed my way through the week. As I was leaving the final house, on the final day, I pulled out my cell phone and called home. I told my mom that only one house felt right. What would I do if they didn't want me? I was already resolved that if my bid card the next day had any other letters at the top, I would give them a polite, thanks, but no thanks.
The next morning standing on Francis Quadrangle listening to the hum of 1000 teenage girls waiting, I could hardly stand it.
After listening to the singing and chanting everyone was at even more of a pitch. Then we each got an envelope. I opened my slowly.

Kappa Delta.

I was going right where my heart knew I should be.

That was the last moment of Rush, but the first moment of sisterhood.

As we hugged and screeched in delight I felt so at home and at ease.

I know that the Greek system is certainly not for everyone. But that week and those women changed my life.

I wish that I could be on campus again, I wish that I could be that 18 year old full of hope, enthusiasm and endless possibilities again.

I hope that Kappa Delta, Epsilon Iota is remembering that this week is about more than skits and straight lines. It is about sharing love and sisterhood with a new group of women looking for a home for their hearts.