Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review

SPRING HAS FULLY ARRIVED!  So, so excited.  We have had such beautiful weather the last few days, and the kids have been outside playing and running and just enjoying life. 

Friday night we had impromptu dinner guests.  Sherman was throwing some pork steaks on the grill, mom and dad were still in town so they swung by to eat and hang out with us.  It was a great night.  The first sweet corn of the year was enjoyed by all as well.  My kids attack corn on the cob like vultures on road kill, it is kinda disgusting but also hilarious. 

Saturday Riley had her first soccer game.  It was actually kinda fun.  And she scored a goal, which was obviously her highlight.  The kids did okay, and I learned a lot about some of the things I need to teach them so that we can get a little better.  After soccer Davis and I ran some errands while Riley went to a friends house.  Sherman ran the smoker all day and the whole house smelled like barbecue and summer.  That night I went out with friends and had a great night.

Sunday was so beautiful.  We opened all the windows in the house and let the spring air freshen everything.  It was warm and sunny.  We forced the kids back outside every time they came back in.  I got most of the too small and too wintry clothes out of the kids rooms.  I also got in a nap :)
We tried to soak in the day before the rain that is predicted for this week and it was the prefect closure the the weekend.

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