Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MishMash SplishSplash

So, a lot happens in a week. It has been so busy I am having trouble keeping up with what happened when.
I'll go back in time a bit, last Tuesday I said Alicia was home with meds, but I published that before she had gotten up, and by noon on Tuesday she was back in the hospital. Home health did not calculate her meds correctly and she was feeling worse than she had for quite some time. She stayed in the hospital until Tuesday evening of this week, when she left the hospital she went to our mom and dad's house so she could ease back into the real world instead of going straight home. By mid-afternoon yesterday, less than 24 hours, she was back in the hospital again. I don't know what the plan is, or what direction they are seeing for her at this point, she has chemo today and then she will have 3 full weeks of nothing until her next chemo treatment. In that time she should make vast improvements.

Meanwhile, in my life...
We had great meetings last week for work. It was perfect weather to be out on farm visits and salebarns and to work on improving myself as a livestock grader. I also loved that I got to spend time with our field staff, who are scattered across the state.

Davis left yesterday afternoon with Dad and went to spend a few days on the farm. He loves it there. They feed cattle, drive big trucks, and spends all his time outside. I imagine it is heaven to that kid.

Riley got to check out her first ever library book this week. It further solidified her love of books. School has made her so mature and I just love it.

Millie and Lizzy got baths and new collars this week. They feel pretty and since they don't get much mention here, I thought I would share. Also you can picture two dogs in one tub and Riley, Davis and I all trying to scrub them at the same time. It was interesting.

Thanks for tuning in...

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