Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Riley and Davis at Silver Dollar City

Thursday, January 10, 2013

On My Mind

Davis had basketball practice last night. He only likes the running drills and doesn't care a bit about any of the basketball skill drills. Also, he is now less than 6 months from turning 5. 

Riley has had a couple rough days at school, all of which is related to her being bossy and chatty. Hmm?

Our vacation is more than 6 months away and I have already started a packing spreadsheet.

Christmas was more than two weeks ago and I still have one sad, forgotten, decoration out.

We started a new incentive program at home. Every time we see the kids doing something good they get a stone in their jar. When the jar is full they get a "big treat".  I like it, Riley likes it, Davis is somewhat indifferent, Sherman thinks I am too liberal with giving them stones.

I really need to get my Christmas pictures downloaded.

I have started to slowly ease myself away from snacks and junk and have quit buying soda for home. Not so much because of the new year, but more so because in a few short months it will be pool time.

Sherman and I have set a more strict grocery budget and started making a weekly meal plan. So far it has been wonderful. Kinda crazy to think about how much food and money was being wasted in our house.

We have also committed to eating dinner at the table every night. And before we eat we have each been saying something that we are thankful for, or that made us happy, or that we need to work on. Makes me regret every meal we have had in front of the TV.

With the holidays behind us, I am super focused on spring and summer and really struggling to be present in the now.  This time of the year just seems so gray and tend to look past it.

I don't care about Valentine's Day. It has seriously never felt like an adult holiday to me. I consider it something for the kids.

Maybe I'll get around to a "real" post soon.  My brain is too scattered for that right now.


  1. the holidays are behind us??? i believe lish and i beg to differ. there are some pretty awesome bdays coming up in feb . . .

    glad all is going well with the fam.

    1. Anne-
      I forget that you are guys celebrities in your own minds.